GrowFast Online

GrowFast Online

Simple tools for businesses to GrowFast Online. The ultimate choice for small to medium size businesses to make the best out of the internet to get to the target market waiting to be reached.

You can create the effective online presence, market to your target, acquire customers with very little investment compared to traditional methods of acquiring customers. Once you have your customers, use our tools to deliver what they want and GrowFast with a high visibility on return of your investment (ROI). The tools are designed to implement your business strategies with constant measuring of success allowing evolve your strategy based on market response.

  • Start with very little capital
  • Capitalise on GrowFast proven techniques
  • Never re do your website, just add features when you want to grow
  • Utilise our extensive knowledge, systems and experience gained over a decade
  • We will assist you to identify strategic growth plans
  • Measure Return on Investment
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BizCubes - Tools for Resellers

Tools for affiliates and resellers to support their clients to succeed online.

A solution for dynamic businesses, hosting providers, Business Advisors, Business Directories to assist a cluster of customers to succeed online.

BizCubes comes with a fully integrated Dashboard to manage your clients and their online success path. The tools include a comprehensive homegrown website builder, campaign manager, eCommerce shop builder, Image Galleries, Dynamic forms, ROI calculators, Analytics and a whole lot more.

With BizCubes you can manage a one-stop-shop of your customers with world class support from us.

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Business Directory Systems

Online Business Directory Systems

CD/DVD Based Distributable Businesses Directory

A fast text based search engine that does not require a database application and can be distributed on a CD/DVD. Business directory publishers use our solution as the core software in their electronic directories. Virtual Planet can costomise the electrnoc directory to include data and images to make a comprehensive e-directory giving a competing edge.

Features Include

  • Searchable fields with basic and advance search features
  • Secure encrypted data
  • Advertisements (banner advertisements, profiles)
  • Paid and standard listings
  • Product & Service classifications
  • Multiple levels of access and data download with paid subscription levels (E.g. marketing lists for mail merging, CRM imports)
  • Extensive help files
  • One click email and website links
  • Changeable look and feel (skins)
  • Ability to interface with websites
  • And many more customisable functionality available